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W205 - Storing and Retrieving Data - old version

2017 - Fall (and prior) - Archived - Not Maintained

Interesting Papers compiled by Jari Koister in this GitHub Repository [ external link ] [ external link ]

Book Recommendations

These are totally optional. I provide them because students frequently ask for book recommendations. These are my personal opinions.

Office Hour Videos

For office hour videos, I have taken common quesions that students have had in office hours regarding the labs, the exercises, and the projects, and created videos.
Please note that these videos will not directly answer any questions that students are required to answer, but they will give some leading questions, hints, and places to look to help students answer the questions.

Networking using TCP/IP Videos

Linux Videos

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Videos


These instructions are specific for Kevin Crook's sections. Other instructors may have different instructions they want you to use. GitHub will only be used to submit exercises 1 and 2 and the project. Labs will not use GitHub. For exercises 1 and 2 and the project, you will place your submissions into GitHub and submit the link to ISVC. Make sure your GitHub repository is private, not public, (otherwise a violation of the Berkeley honor code) and make the instructor a collaborator.

Lab and Exercise Videos (in order in separate sections)

Lab Videos

Exercise Videos